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Heartland Deputy (The Jack Landers Western Mysteries Book #5)

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Modern Lawman Jack Landers is back…

Sergeant Rich Ammon has been a successful, hardworking deputy for several years with the Warrior County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Jack Landers has learned to give Ammon tough tasks and sit back and watch him succeed, and so makes Ammon the lead investigator for his office. No sooner than he is in plain clothes and an unmarked vehicle, Ammon has two murders dropped in his lap.

The first is a Wichita Falls consulting engineer who is shot for no apparent reason in Warrior County, Oklahoma. Ammon finds himself in Texas tracking down leads with iconic Texas Ranger Lt. Zack Bodeway, one of Lander’s closest friends. The murder seems to be connected with two consulting firms vying for the lucrative contract on a government records facility.

A second similar murder occurs just days after the first. The modus operandi looks to be the same. Were the murders connected? Was there an unknown relation between the two victims? Ammon must wade through a world of possibilities to solve both cases.

Will the handsome young deputy continue to rise in stature at the sheriff’s office? Or, will he crash and burn?