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Gunswift and Voice of the Gun: Two Full-Length Western Novels

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Western Writers of America Spur and Owen Wister Award winner Gordon D. Shirreffs is best known for his exciting, action-packed tales of the old American West. Two of those stories have been included in this collection sure to delight fans of the Western genre.

In Gunswift, Boone Shattuck's brother-in-law had been murdered in a gold robbery. His beloved sister had died of grief as a result. Shattuck was bound and determined to find the four men who had committed the robbery in order to bring them to justice—the gunswift way. He resigned his post with the Texas Rangers and set off to track them down one by one. He soon discovered that Bass Eccles, the ringleader and the key to finding both the missing gold and the three other scoundrels, was locked away in Yuma prison for unrelated crimes. Shattuck must devise a way to get into the prison and win Eccles' confidence—or die in the process.

In Voice of the Gun, Sloan Sutro, former Texas Ranger, inherits a ranch from an outlaw he arrested and who was later lynched. Garth Bylas, corrupt banker and owner of the Rio Blanco Development Company, has his eye on the property now owned by Sutro, and he’ll stop at nothing to get it. With an army of hired goons, Bylas sets out to make life a living hell for the Ranger, but Sloan Sutro isn’t a man to be trifled with. He gives back as good as he gets and proves to Bylas that not every man can be bought, sold, or intimidated.

“If you’re a fan of tough-minded Westerns, I highly recommend it and just about anything by Gordon D. Shirreffs.” –James Reasoner