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Grizzly Killer: Under The Blood Moon (Grizzly Killer Book #2)

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The second book in the action-packed, best-selling Grizzly Killer series.

In 1828, few white men had seen the Rocky Mountains, those that had were the rugged few we call Mountain Men. Zach Connors was one of the best, known to the Indians as Grizzly Killer. He was both feared and respected throughout the Rockies. Along with his dog Jimbo, Running Wolf his Ute partner, and their wives they travel to Rendezvous, where they battle the dreaded Blackfeet, and Zach fights for both justice and honor. After, they come face to face with a man-eating grizzly, and confront those seeking revenge for the justice he dealt. All the while living their lives among the towering peaks in the wild and unforgiving wilderness of the spectacular Rocky Mountains.