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Grizzly Killer: Spirits In The Wind (Grizzly Killer Book #11)

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Prepare for a long and dangerous journey from Nuevo Mexico through the heart of the Rocky Mountains, and into the lands of their enemies.

Hoping the vast forests and towering peaks of the Rockies will hide them, Zach Connors leads his family into the mountains. As they enter this new and beautiful land, they face both Cheyenne and Arapaho hunters that are determined to prove the medicine of Grizzly Killer is not greater than their own.

Sending his family ahead to safety, Zach and his dog face a cunning and brutal enemy alone. Knowing he is outnumbered and in an unknown land, he must become as brutal as the warriors on their trail. Using not only his weapons and skill, but the superstitions and fears of his enemies, he sends their spirits in the wind.

Spirits in The Wind is the eleventh book in the best-selling, action-packed Grizzly Killer Series.