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Dine' Defiance (Rocky Mountain Saint Book #14)

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It was to be a simple trip to Santa Fe to reunite Sean’s wife with her natural parents. But when Tate’s old friend, Kit Carson, recruits Tate to scout for the Colonel of the Union forces that were commissioned to stop the decades-long war with the Navajo, that simple trip turns into a life-changing adventure. When Carson is ordered to capture or kill the Diné and to destroy their homes, fields, and food, a frontier siege like never seen, begins in the wilds of the high desert.

When Navajo are killed, frozen, and starved, and the bluecoats under command of Colonel Kit Carson, enter their home, a war like nothing ever seen before, begins to stain the sacred lands of the Navajo. Tate Saint and his son Sean, undertake scouting duties to help bring this historic war to an early end, but can two men accomplish what has been attempted and failed so many times before?

Bestselling author B.N. Rundell delivers another action-filled western you won’t be able to put down!