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Crossroads in Casa Corte: A Western Novel

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A passionate tale of change and redemption…

Step into the heart of a Chihuahua cantina on the eve of el Día de Los Muertos, where a storm rages outside, and inside, eight men find themselves bound together by fate. Some are strangers, some acquainted—all seeking refuge from the tempest that surrounds them.

Emboldened by pulque and cerveza, the men engage in a ritual of shared tales, unveiling the haunting memories of women who linger in their thoughts. By morning, one of them is dead, and the lives of the others are forever changed.

As destinies intersect at a haunting crossroad, the choices made will shape the futures of those able to walk away from its hallowed confines.

A passionate tale unfolding against a backdrop that spans Zihuantanejo, Mexico City, the Arizona border, and California, Crossroads in Casa Corte gracefully navigates multiple storylines, embarking on a journey of one’s willingness to change in the name of inner peace.