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Castle Butte: A Coming-Of-Age YA Western Novel

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Finalist for the 2019 Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award Finalist and fourth place for the 2019 Will Rogers Medallion Award.

From the award-winning author John D. Nesbitt comes a thrilling young adult western adventure through the rugged terrain of Castle Butte.

Alden Clare is a seventeen-year-old burdened with responsibility. In the midst of dealing with an ailing father, a rebellious brother, and a girlfriend seeking a different path, Alden’s world is turned upside down when his friend Cash meets a tragic end at the hands of ruthless outlaws. As Alden navigates the twists and turns of life in the Wild West, he finds solace in the company of Bonnie Wilcox, a spirited young woman with troubles of her own. But trouble follows him as his brother's entanglement with the same outlaws leads to deadly consequences.

Now, with adversaries closing in and loved ones at risk, Alden must unravel the sinister motives behind the harassment before it's too late. As tensions escalate and the danger looms larger, he must confront the outlaws in a high-stakes showdown to protect those he holds dear.

Experience the thought-provoking tale of 
Castle Butte as Alden Clare faces off against ruthless foes in a battle for justice and survival. Grab your copy now!