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Buffalo Brigade (Rocky Mountain Saint Book #10)

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The tenth novel in the best-selling Rocky Mountain Saint western series by B.N. Rundell.

The family had never been separated before, but now there was just Tate and his son, Sean. The trader, John Richards, had convinced them to join him and to scout for a brigade of buffalo hunters, but this was no ordinary brigade. This was more like a room full of spoiled rich city kids that wanted a grand adventure in the west.

Tate had never thought of life in the wilds of the west as an adventure. Exciting yes, and dangerous, but certainly not a classroom for college kids. But when pampered young men are forced to become real men, some aren't too anxious to learn their lesson. River crossings, buffalo hunts, and Indian raids are just a few of the assignments. There's always the one that is used to his place as the teacher's pet, but this teacher has no pets and very little patience, and when baptism in the cold river is the order of the day, rebellion raises its ugly head.

With a foray into the uncharted lands of the Sioux as they pursue the migrating buffalo, more lessons must be learned, and Sean and Tate become more than instructors in the class of wilderness education when they have to mount a rescue for the captured daughter of their new friends from the Métis.

How many will pass and how many will fail? And will Tate and Son make it home?