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Boston Boy: A Short Story

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Percival Barlow escapes New England and its prudish lifestyle and lands in Arizona where he finds work as a teacher in a private school. This is where he meets the infamous Sally Esquivel, quite a number and especially bawdy in Percy's eyes. Their love affair is discovered by the powers that be at the school. When private schools sprang up in the Southwest during the late thirties and forties, these schools were established mostly by easterners, many of whom were from New England. Therefore, the rules and regulations of these schools were rather staid in comparison with other private educational institutions. The letter behind the names of prospective staff members did not necessarily reflect their behavior patterns. Percival Barlow and Sally Esquivel were two such individuals to the consternation of the headmaster of Sant Michaels' Preparatory School For Boys located in Piedras Rojas, New Mexico.