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Bloody Joe's Last Dance: Classic Western Series (Bloody Joe Mannion Book #9)

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In the action-packed conclusion to Peter Brandvold’s bestselling Western series, rough ‘n’ tough “Bloody” Joe Mannion is pushed to the deadly brink.

In the heart of Colorado Territory, Mannion faces a whirlwind of troubles—a foreboding dream that hints at his demise and a vengeful man seeking justice for his family's slaughter.

With a mysterious assailant determined to see him and his deputies dead also on the horizon, Mannion races against time to unmask the perpetrator and understand their motives. But when his family is kidnapped, everything becomes clear—a band of outlaws aims to eliminate Mannion and his team in order to execute a daring train heist, leaving the town reeling from their blood-thirsty robbery.

As tensions mount and time runs out, Mannion must confront his own mortality. Will he and Deputy Henry McCallister catch the train robbers…or will fate deal Bloody Joe his last dance?

In a tale of bravery, betrayal, and the unyielding spirit of the Wild West, Bloody Joe’s Last Stand delivers an explosive conclusion readers won’t see coming.