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Before the Lark: A YA Western Novel

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Embark on a captivating journey through 1888 Missouri with twelve-year-old Jocey Royal as she discovers the power of friendship, courage, and self-acceptance amidst her personal struggles.

Haunted by the taunts and isolation she faced in school due to her harelip, Jocey finds solace in books, where dreams take flight. Convinced that she will never find a true friend and desperate to escape the constant ridicule, Jocey yearns for a life where she doesn't have to face another person. Living with her hardworking grandmother, Jocey's longing for a fresh start leads her to formulate a daring plan—to build a farm in Kansas, a place where she believes she can finally find solace and freedom from torment. Convincing Gram to accompany her, Jocey sets off on a journey into the unknown.

However, life on the farm proves to be more challenging than Jocey imagined. Hard work is expected, but she soon realizes that avoiding neighbors and traveling salesmen is impossible. Complicating matters, Gram's determination to act as an invalid adds another layer of complexity to Jocey's quest for peace.

Doubts begin to plague Jocey, yet, amidst her struggles, she starts to unravel the beauty of human connections and the potential for genuine friendships, even with her harelip. Could it be that her unique condition holds unexpected possibilities.

Experience the heartfelt transformation of a young girl as she learns to open her heart and embrace the world around her. Will Jocey find the acceptance she craves and discover that her harelip doesn't define her? Delve into this inspiring tale of resilience, hope, and the remarkable power of self-discovery today.