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Backshooter and Texas Iron: A Classic Western Double Draw

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Two full-length, action-packed adventures from one of America’s best Western writers!

In Backshooter: Once the toughest marshal in Oklahoma, Kyle Maddux finds himself with a bullet in his back and out of job following a brutal shooting, but the vengeful Maddux launches his own investigation, he uncovers a series of similar back shootings in Texas and sets out to bring the bushwhacker to justice, no matter what the cost.

In Texas Iron: When Sam McCall got word his pa had died, something seemed suspicious. And even though he and his brothers hadn’t been home in twenty years, they wanted the truth. But as soon as they got back to Texas, a posse of hired guns opened fire. Turns out the new owner of their old ranch didn’t exactly cotton to having them around. Yet they’re determined to find out what really happened to their pa–and make their hometown of Vengeance Creek live up to its name.