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A Spectrum of Tales

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Short stories are popular today when a day's events can be burdensome and relentless, leaving little time for oneself to enjoy the solitary experience called "Reading". Short stories are a challenge for the writer to make every word count and to keep the flow of the story a moving narrative without wandering off on tangents that may be irrelevant or superfluous. for a writer of short stories, these yarns can offer the basis for longer works. Short stories are also samples of a writer's work, often leading to discovering more of what he or she has written. In addition to novels and some non-fiction, I find writing short stories and poetry wonderful ways to divert myself when I get an idea. In this respect, a diversion is not at all a distraction because I try never to be in a hurry. Being in a hurry as a writer opens the door to losing ideas that are otherwise valuable to a current or future writing project. The succinct short story can be a joy to read.