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79 Park Avenue

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From the seedy streets of inner NYC to luxurious Park Avenue comes a story of a tragic love triangle.

Marja Fluudjincki (aka Maryann Flood) is an ambitious and sensual young woman from the slums who is forced into prostitution. Clawing her way from street urchin to stripper— Maria ultimately becomes the madam of a Mob-owned pleasure empire, providing access to the city’s most exciting and sensual “escorts.”

Mike Keyes is a hardworking, honest man who works his way up to Assistant District Attorney. Fate has dealt him a devastating blow when he learns the madam he’s been chasing, Maryann Flood, is none other than the love of his life who has repeatedly broken his heart, Marja Fluudjincki.

Does he set aside his personal feelings for the sake of justice, or fall under Maryann’s seductive spell, betraying his life’s work?

A sizzling tale of sexuality, power, and lust that inspired the 1977 Golden Globe-winning miniseries.