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Tony Masero

Tony Masero

Tony Masero grew up in a deprived and grey post-war London where the only relief from bomb craters and food rationing were colorful Western books and movies. The pictures on the screen displayed wide sunlit spaces, glorious forests, breathtaking mountain ranges and most importantly adventure and a great sense of freedom. His love of that early thrill has subsequently inspired many of his own books. Living far from the Wild West and any kind of armed culture he made up for it by practicing longbow archery in the forests of southern England.

At the age of three Tony Masero’s father, a renowned woodcarver, placed a pencil in his hand, an act that resulted in a later career as a Designer and then Illustrator. Working in the international advertising and publishing world Tony Masero produced a great deal of art for book covers and through the research involved in their creation is where his interest in writing began.

Research is important in his own books and many of his tales are based around some historical incident or characters that truly existed. From there the imagination takes flight and for a person with a visual frame of mind his books are often imbued with a natural pictorial quality and full of human characteristics that are true to us whatever our origins.

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