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Stringer and Brodie: The Complete Classic Western Series (Books #1-#4)

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Author Tony Masero pens a classic Western series in which honor clashes with greed, and danger lurks in the aftermath of the American Civil War.

Dancing with the Devil sets the stage for two men, once on opposite sides of the conflict, now united against violence. With their lives shattered, they embark on a quest for justice and a much-needed reward, only to find that their past allegiances blur as danger follows their every move.

In Hell to Pay, the duo faces a web of murder and treachery during Reconstruction-era Texas. As stolen charts spark greed and attract the wrath of the Ku Klux Klan, Stringer and Brodie must navigate a landscape of deception and fury to solve the case.

Riding Perdition’s Rim follows the lawmen as they confront local feuds, corruption within the State Police Force, and a dangerous gunfighter's arrival. With cash disappearing and corruption looming, their resolution may lie in the chambers of a Colt revolver.

Concluding the series, A Sting in the Devil's Tail sees the duo facing a financial mystery in the Texas governor's office. With Stringer out of commission, Brodie goes undercover, uncovering a dark force awaiting a day of reckoning.

Join the action-packed adventures of Stringer and Brodie as they navigate a treacherous post-war Texas, unravel mysteries, and confront adversaries while balancing honor and survival.

This collection includes Dancing with the Devil, Hell to Pay, Riding Perdition’s Rim, and A Sting in the Devil’s Tail.