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Robert J. Randisi

Robert J. Randisi

Of Robert J. Randisi, Booklist said he “. . . may be one of the last true pulp writers.” He has been published in the western, mystery, private eye, horror, science fiction and action/adventure genres, and has written close to 700 books, 60+ short stories, 1 screenplay and edited over 35 anthologies. In 2009 he received “The Eye,” the Life Achievement award from The Private Eye Writers of America. In 2016 he was presented the Peacemaker Life Achievement award by the Western Fictioneers.  Also, in 2016 he received the John Sigenthaler Legends Award at Killer Nashville, for humanitarian work. In 2017 he was presented with the Derringer Award for Life Achievement by the Short Fiction Mystery Society.

Robert J. Randisi was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., and from 1973 through 1981 he was a civilian employee of the New York City Police Department, working out of the 67th Precinct in Brooklyn. He has had a book published every month since January of 1982. After 41 years in N.Y, he now resides in Laughlin, NV., 90-miles South of Las Vegas, on the Colorado River, with his 25-year partner-in-life-and-crime, Marthayn Pelegrimas.

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