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R.B. Tetro

R.B. Tetro

R.B. Tetro was born in the West. He was adopted and moved several times before ending up in foster care until he was old enough to take care of himself.

For the better part of his life, he’s gained real world experience by working as a carpenter, a long haul truck driver, a horse back guide in the Great Smoky Mountains, a bouncer, and finally a bounty hunter for several years before his wife put an end to that, due to an untimely heart attack.

After living on the edge for so many years it was hard for him to come to grips with the everyday hum drum of an everyday job and he soon found himself longing for more adventure. Tetro began to read again, something he had not done in years and as he read he began to toy with the idea of writing his own kind of story with his own kind of characters. There was just one problem, he’d never paid attention in school, and had no formal education. So he first had to learn how to spell and how to formulate sentences and paragraphs and is still working on the proper use of grammar but the one thing that he soon realized was that he had several stories milling about in the confines of his mind, all of them clamoring to come out.

Tetro began to write obsessively, on paper at first, until he could afford a second hand lap top and then he learned how to type, well…peck, but still he got faster and soon realized that he was indeed, a born writer. He had and still has much to learn. It was much harder than he would have ever believed, especially after the first draft, but still the gift that God put deep down inside of him, that the peaceful love of his wife and family was finally able to open, will not allow him to rest.

Three years later, R.B. Tetro has managed to finish three novels and is currently working on several more. Even now, as you read this, he’s probably tucked away in a quiet space, writing, always writing. His biggest challenge to date by far was joining a writers club and reading in front of people, due to a very private nature. But it was that very thing that opened the door to getting his first novel, Misty Hill Reckoning, accepted.

R.B. Tetro found Wolfpack publishing and they agreed to take not only his first novel but also his next two, which include a western tale entitled, An Unlikely Gun Hand, and a post-apocalyptic fantasy/adventure, entitled Red Robin.

R.B. Tetro loves spending time in the mountains with his family, working out, playing basketball, and watching UT football. He is currently working on several new projects all of which he is looking forward to sharing with you.