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Hock Hochheim

Hock Hochheim

Hock Hochheim is a retired Texas police detective and patrolman, and former US Army investigator and patrolman. Since his retirement, gathered up from several black belts in martial arts and his military and police experiences, he teaches hand, stick, knife and gun combatives and self-defense survival in some 20 seminars a year, in 11 allied countries. But first and foremost he considers himself a writer. In the late 1970s he wrote a non-fiction, research book called, “The Great Escapes of Pancho Villa,” which was published and hooked him forever on writing. He’s never stopped since.

He was the editor/publisher of the international Close Quarter Combat Magazine for 4 years in the late 1990s. Aside from writing “how-to” fighting books, non-fiction, true crimes books about his adventures and misadventures in policing, he has written several police, action thrillers, and his favorite – the Gunther western series, about a “problem-solver” in early 1900s. That was an amazing time in western history, just after the gunfighter and just before the noir detective. Gunther travels the world on assignments, or fights bad guys in the streets of Ft Worth, TX. One Gunther adventure, “My Gun is my Passport,” won a book award on historical fiction.

In the last three decades Hock has sold some 35,000 fiction and non-fiction hardcover, paperback, and ebooks. He and his muse, super-wife Jane, live in the Dallas, TX Metroplex.

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