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The China Alamo: A Johann Gunther Adventure (Johann Gunter Book #5)

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Whether he is fighting American western outlaws, suicidal Filipino warriors or crazed Boxer Rebellion Chinese, former Texas lawman, Johann Gunther is your man.

It’s 1900 – three young doctors celebrate their graduation from medical school with a dinner on the San Francisco docks…until they’re kidnapped and Shanghaied to China. The doctors’ families are rich, and they entice Vice President Teddy Roosevelt into organizing a secret, rescue mission. Teddy dispatches his former Cuban War veteran officer, Major Gunther from the Philippines to run the top-secret mission, but not without first destroying the rotten shanghai operation on the bay.

Once in China with the doctors rescued, the full-blown Boxer Rebellion erupts and Gunther’s ragtag team must flee for their lives, run the gauntlet into Peking and into the surrounded, besieged embassy fortress, caught in a last stand Alamo of life and death.