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White Line Razor: A Contemporary Western Novel (Concho Book #7)

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Experience the pulse-pounding return of Texas Ranger Concho Ten-Wolves in this captivating contemporary western! A.W. Hart delivers another thrilling tale, packed with action, suspense, and a mesmerizing blend of Native American heritage.

When Concho Ten-Wolves stumbles upon two suspicious vehicles concealed beneath a rugged country bridge, he senses trouble brewing—a potential drug deal shrouded in secrecy. As he cautiously delves deeper, the air erupts with gunfire, and he discovers a young Native American woman, bound and silenced in the trunk of one of the cars. Plagued by amnesia, she pleads for assistance, her motives obscured by uncertainty.

Is she an innocent victim ensnared in a web of deceit, or does she harbor a darker secret? With a separate case already demanding his attention, Ten-Wolves initially considers leaving the mystery to the local authorities. However, when a relentless attempt is made on her life and she beseeches him for help, their shared heritage resonating between them, the Ranger’s resolve solidifies.

Determined to unravel the enigma, Concho Ten-Wolves embarks on a perilous journey, ready to confront any obstacle standing in his way.

Join Texas Ranger Concho Ten-Wolves on his quest for truth and justice by uncovering secrets and navigating treacherous terrain in this contemporary Western fiction masterpiece. Embark on this gripping journey that is sure to leave you yearning for more today!