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Willow Whip: A YA Western Novel

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From award-winning author Irene Bennett Brown comes a heartwarming story of a young girl determined to make it possible for her constantly moving farmer family to buy a farm that she has come to love and wants to live on permanently.

Could the Faber family really afford a farm of their own? Could they stop moving from place to place? Her father has almost given up hope, but for Willow Faber, the only dream worth having is a farm of their own.

The Fabers are tenant farmers. They move almost every year trying to find a better place. But no farm will ever compare to the one Willow calls “The Ranch.” Once a Pony Express stop, it is old, but solid and pleasant, and Willow is willing to do everything she can to make it theirs.

For a long year Willow does little but plan and work and save, pushing herself—and her family—to the brink, earning herself the nickname “Willow The Whip.” She sacrifices everything, including all of the things she had hoped to gain by staying in one place. Only near disaster helps her understand what she has lost and all that she still has to gain.

Follow this young heroine in a wild and wooly adventure that is a testament to the triumph of the human spirit and strong will. Grab your copy now and be swept away by a narrative that touches the heart and ignites the soul.