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Shadowed Forest: A Historical Fantasy Series (The Peacemaker's Tale Book #2)

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In their latest masterpiece, renowned authors W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O'Neal Gear delve into the chilling narrative of Native American protagonists facing an unfathomable evil.

Winter is settling over the autumn forests, but War Chief Koracoo and Deputy Gonda must not stop. They are facing a parent’s worst nightmare: their children, Odion and Tutelo, have fallen into the hands of a legendary evil: Gannajero the Trader. Known as the Crow, she is a figure out of a nightmare, a witch who buys children from victorious warriors who’ve destroyed the children’s villages and then she sells them to the highest bidders.

In Gannajero’s camp, the kidnapped children have grown desperate. They are sure their families are coming to rescue them but it’s taking too long. Can they find a way to save each other even if it means some of them must die so that a few may escape?

Dive into this riveting tale of bravery, sacrifice, and the enduring spirit of survival. Order your copy now!