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The Bargain: An American Historical Romance Novel

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Award-winning author Irene Bennett Brown’s classic, compelling story of love and sacrifice in the face of adversity.

Clare Hobb is plagued by the strict boundaries her iron-handed uncles impose at Hobbs’ Mills, the family conclave. She’s in love with Larkin Wade, a handsome farmer they disdain.

When an unfortunate accident takes the life of one of her uncles, the remaining brothers blame Clare’s mentally deficient father, forcing the family to make the tough decision to leave the only home they’ve ever known. Guilt that she might have helped prevent the accident brings Clare to painfully end her romance with Larkin and pledge full attention to her family. With ties broken, Larkin departs for the west.

Would a new life in Kansas where Larkin has gone ahead be the answer? Will he wait? Is it possible, ever, to bargain true love away?

“Irene Bennett Brown has put heart, soul, and historical detail in her story of love and sacrifice in 19th century New Hampshire and Kansas. Read The Bargain.” Lucia St. Clair Robson, bestselling author of The Shadow Patriot

The Bargain is a powerful novel about moral and spiritual courage, and offers radiant insight into how lives are won or lost by the choices we all make. This is a beautiful and compelling novel.” Richard Wheeler, award-winning author of The Canyon Of Bones

“Irene Bennett Brown offers a stirring and complex story of love and family with an unforgettable protagonist in a novel that is just wonderful.” Michelle Black, author of the bestselling novel An Uncommon Enemy

“In The Bargain, Irene Bennett Brown has created a deliciously detailed historical setting, then peopled it with winning characters rich in depth and heart.” Elizabeth Grayson, author of WILLA finalist novel, Moon In The Water