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Bear Gulch: A Classic Western Series (McCain Chronicles Book #3)

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Bestselling author B.N. Rundell continues the thrilling and intriguing saga of Elijah McCain, on a quest to fulfill a near impossible promise…

Wherever he looked, he saw everything through the lens of his commitment, the Covenant he made with his wife to find her twin boys, deserters from the Union Army during a time of war. But in the wild of the frontier, in a time of discovery, conflict, and more, fate continually dealt him a difficult hand. Wherever he went, conflict put him in the middle of strife, hardship, and battle.

First, against the rampaging Sioux under Red Cloud, the chief determined to rid the territory of all white men. Then against godless outlaws as they stole gold claims and killed prospectors. Add to that lethal mix the self-appointed Vigilantes, and he had to deal death with lead with his Colt and his Winchester.

Yet he continued his journey, rescuing desolate and desperate youngsters, helping those in need, making friends and enemies, and believed he was on the trail of his sons. But would he find them in time, or would they heed the lure of riches and the voices of Sirens and go astray?

McCain’s journey continues as he comes closer to fulfilling his Covenant…