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Write Compelling Fiction

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Write cleaner. Write better stories. Write Compelling Fiction.

With over 150 books published, Larry Martin and Craig Martelle bring their fiction writing horsepower to you. How are they able to win over their readers? By getting them right where it matters – in books they can’t put down. Larry writes westerns and thrillers. Craig writes science fiction. Those genres are far closer than you ever imagined because good writing is universal.

Never give your reader a reason to set your book aside. They may not pick it up again. In the immortal words of Elmore Leonard, “I try to leave out the parts that readers skip.” You should, too.

From plot to characters to pace to description, strengthen your writing to engage your readers on a whole new level. Keep them turning the pages, and when they’ve finished, they’ll be asking you for the next book.

The trail-tough cowhand rubbed the black whisker stubble on his chin with a knotted callused hand. "That'll do," Ethan said, and laid a nickel on the rough plank. A horse fly buzzed around, inspecting the coin, as Ethan waited.

With examples peppered throughout, Larry and Craig reinforce the main points in a way to make it easier to incorporate into your own writing. Come to the word buffet and when you leave, you won’t be hungry.

There’s no time like the present to start writing better. Pick up Write Compelling Fiction today.