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Wildcat of the Sierra Estrada: A Western Fiction Classic (Yakima Henry Book #14)

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Yakima Henry is once again Town Marshal of Apache Springs, Arizona. The kill-crazy mining engineer, Rebel Wilkes, might have burned the town nearly to the ground two years ago, but with newly discovered gold in the surrounding mountains and a railroad on the way, the town is flourishing.

But with wealth comes trouble, and Yakima is about to have his fill. The half-breed marshal has two deputies, the old former outlaw who calls himself the Rio Grande Kid, and a true kid, Galveston Penny, to help keep the lid on the town and the surrounding area, including a canyon filled with lost Jesuit gold.

According to legend, the gold was cursed by an ancient Apache witch after the slaves were killed in an earthquake. If the wealth in the canyon is exploited, all hell will break loose in and around Apache Springs.