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Walk the Promise Road: A Novel of the Oregon Trail

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She made a promise. Now she has to keep it…

Mary Rodgers has lost everything—or so she believes. Her entire family struck down with influenza, she is alone in the world, except for her cousin. But Philip is bound for Oregon to meet up with his fiancée. Though Mary begs him to take her with him on the Oregon Trail, he resists.

Mary’s plan is simple. Since they already share a last name, she and Philip will pose as husband and wife. And though the wagonmaster is a firm man—who is sure to dash Philip’s dreams of a life with his beloved should he find out the truth—Mary promises it will be their secret.

Yet when Luke Sayer, their half-Indian trail scout, begins to spend evenings at their fireside, other travelers can’t help but notice the budding attraction between him and Mary. Though Mary denies it, she struggles to keep her promise without bringing harm to both her cousin, who has risked everything for her, and Luke, the love of her life.

Mary’s grit and determination will see her through the hardships and sorrows she encounters…but Luke’s love will give her hope for the future as they walk the promise road.

Winner of the 2019 Will Rogers Medallion Award for Historical Romance, Walk the Promise Road is a poignant tale of love and sacrifice.