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Viejo and the Lost Child (Viejo Book #3)

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What is the proper age for becoming a cold-blooded killer? Frank Miller’s life turns upside down when his family is murdered and he becomes a captive in a Comanche raid. His understanding of right and wrong are blurred through several misfortunes and mistreatment by adults. One talent he possesses is the ability to draw a .45 extremely fast, and to hit whatever he aims at with his Henry 45-70. Other talents include being an extraordinary tracker and one who could elude any followers. Not only is he fast with a pistol or a rifle, he kills readily and without remorse.

Lee Brannan, Texas Ranger, must track down and arrest this troublesome killer. He struggles with his duty to the law, and his faith in the pursuit. On one side, is the fact of the murders, some of which are a sheriff and another Texas Ranger, and on the other side is that Frank is only fifteen years old. How do you hunt down a child that should be struggling with acne and giggling girls, instead of running amok and shooting people? Lee must decide to fulfill his duties or let someone else do the job.