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VICAP: The Complete Series, Volume One (Books #1-#5)

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VICAP agents are tough and resourceful—and they never give up.

Los Angeles is home base for the sociopathic elite; Charles Manson, the Hillside Strangler, and now—the Reaper. He hunts at night, terrorizing whole families at gunpoint, mutilating, and finally slaughtering them. Dozens of victims. No survivors. No clues.

Special Agents Joe Flynn and Martin Tanner, are highly trained members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Program. The case files of Special Agents Flynn and Tanner are a scorching record of brutal crime. Their Los Angeles is an urban nightmare ruled by psychotic lords of violence.

Though this series is fiction, VICAP is a real organization initially conceived in the late 1960s when the crimes of the Boston Strangler, Charles Manson, and other “motiveless” killers began to make national headlines.

VICAP: The Complete Series, Volume One includes Blood Sport, Slay Ride, The Necro Files, Head Games, and Road Kills.