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Too Tough To Die and The Valiant Bugles: Two Full-Length Western Novels

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Gordon D. Shirreffs was an award-winning author of incredible tales of the old American West. In this volume, readers will be delighted with two such action-filled stories.

In Too Tough To Die, Buck Ruffin, a righteous gunfighting lawman on a mission, stalks four vicious outlaws across the desert and through an abandoned mining town where snares and pitfalls threaten around every corner. Even against the odds, Ruffin is determined to see justice done for their victims—even if some of the dead might have deserved their fate. In Ruffin’s mind, no man was above the law—or above the swift justice of death.

In The Valiant Bugles, Captain Holt Downey had vowed upon pain of death to kill the Apache brave known as “The Butcher,” the unconscionable savage who had murdered Downey's brother and subjected his fiancée to a fate worse than death.

It takes time and many miles, but eventually, Holt catches up to The Butcher, setting up a showdown between two able and determined fighters that will leave one victorious and alive, and the other dead in a shallow grave…

“Gordon Shirreffs, who has written extensively both for teen-agers and adults, does a professional job of merging history, Americana, and virile action…”  Kirkus Reviews