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Tony Masero Collection, Volume 9: A Classic Western Boxset

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Rain. It never stops… It just keeps coming, until it seems the whole of Yoma County will flood. One man rides out of that downpour, carrying a Colt on his hip and a mission in his heart. He finds no warm welcome awaiting him… Steven Arc is a backwoods boy from Wisconsin with nothing more than a quick wit and a sure-shot eye. It isn’t until he joins the 7th Wisconsin Iron Brigade that he finds a true home. As luck would have it, this is 1860 and the country is preparing for Civil War… He's captured and imprisoned in the stinking pit called Andersonville, where savage gangs fight piteously over a crust of bread. It's only there that Arc finds out who his real friends are. But when that hell ends, Arc’s war really begins…A ride down to a damp little town in New Mexico finds dark shades from the past lying in wait. Before the rain stops, a river of blood will flow as old friends and enemies fight it out over a secret payload.


1898 CUBA—As his best friend and fellow Rough Rider lies fatally wounded during the battle for Kettle Hill, Jake Rains takes a solemn oath to care for his widow… Trouble is, Kitty Cartright already has a protector—Chris Leeward, owner of the L-Double-E ranch… When Jake arrives in Oakum, it's not to an auspicious start. Things aren't the best, but Jake and his new friend Sam are determined to put things to rights. Not only are they faced with Leeward’s cruel riders, but also a band of zealous Mountain Men lusting for vengeance. The challenge calls for old-fashioned courage on the streets of Oakum where Jake Rains must fight to save both Kitty and himself.


A killer is loose in the West and nobody is more directly affected than Reuben Court, the one-time roustabout and gunman. Reuben has seen his fair share of trouble but this one hits home and hurts bad. His heartbreak is superseded by the determination to seek justice as he sets out determined to find those responsible. Why and by whom? It mystifies Reuben as he follows a trail of victims all of whom die horribly at the hands of the unknown killer and seemingly for the basest of reasons… Meanwhile, his partner in the hunt is under the gun of a band of bounty hunters whose rich boss has laid such a hefty price on his head that the trackers are relentlessly determined to take him down, definitely more dead than alive.


Hellish country: hot, dry, dusty, and known to be deadly… When five ruthless men ride in on a terror raid they find a surprisingly fertile valley, a plantation garden blossoming in the desert… It has taken Jacob Marney years of toil and heartbreak—he lost his wife in the making of this oasis. But the place is both productive and remunerative even though he cares little for the financial reward it allows, unlike the five invaders… Jacob has one thing he cherishes above all others and when the five lay an edge on his treasure it cuts like a knife and demands desperate measures. But Jacob is a man of the soil, a peaceful man, ill-equipped for violence and he is left with only one alternative… Sometimes events compel a man to do something he would much rather not.


Ex-cavalry captain Holt Sangey has retired from the Indian Wars and gone back east with his loving wife. Holt finds he despairs of holding down a tedious job in the claustrophobic life of the overcrowded city. He determines to make one last trip to the wide-open spaces of Arizona with his adopted son and there he rescues the beautiful Isabella. There are two women in his life now, miles apart and separated from him by a bloodthirsty war chief and his army of ravaging Apaches. Holt Sangey faces a personal dilemma yet despite fighting for his life he must also protect the safety of his friends and his son.