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Tony Masero Collection, Volume 8: A Classic Western Boxset

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Western author extraordinaire Tony Masero wrangles you in for another series of seven action-packed adventures of the Old West, written the way only a true master of the genre can!

In Blood Legacy, Boston attorney Zack Endeavor seems set for life. He has a beautiful heiress as his fiancé and a blossoming new law practice in the growing prosperity of the city. Everything holds promise for him in the affluent times known as ‘the Gilded Age’.

It all changes when a mysterious armed visitor comes calling with reminders of his time in the hellhole of Libby Prison...

In Blood Ridden, a hard-bitten Western tale of harsh revenge, Marshal Arnwood Deal is a lawman man equipped with both decency and honor but when he receives word that his much loved and respected family has been cruelly murdered, he lays aside his star and follows a trail of reprisal that takes him beyond the borderlines of any code.

In Devil’s Gunman, when gunman Leo Kasselford arrives in town he comes with a lot more than a loaded revolver in his holster. He carries something a whole lot darker that haunts him and must be satiated. His path crosses the two Wade brothers and a change is initiated that leads them on a mysterious journey of terror and death that none could have foreseen.

In Eye on the Rails, the lawman Drew Sodenmire is in exile. He has fought his way through enough tight spots with the toughest of opponents even when he isn’t sober. But now he has lost his position after a fatal drunken shooting. He is to lie low and behave himself, the Governor insists, and that’s how he ends up in one small isolated community. It’s a dull and boring place for the recalcitrant Drew with little option but respite to the bottle. Then ghastly items start turning up and it’s Drew’s job to sober up and discover who is guilty and what lies at the heart of these gruesome deeds.

In Mr. D’Eath and the Judge, Sam D’Eath and Judge Aldermire make an unlikely team. Their task is to dispense tough frontier justice and the Judge likes to keep things simple in his circuit court, which means that most cases end in a terminal way. But bad news travels fast and when it reaches Sam he has to leave off stretching necks to take time out for some personal justice.

In Slashed Star, It should have been a happy start, a ferocious range war finally settled by a marriage contract. There was certainly some love in the offing but it was only of a forbidden kind. A callous murder and a madman with a machete sets off a chain of bloody death that Pedro Delrey must follow to its deadly end. He rides in pursuit of the killers with a heart full of bitterness and a mind set on exacting a particularly cold kind of vengeance. Gunmen and Pinkerton agents cross his path in a violent pursuit that will take Delrey toward a final and ghastly meeting with the face of death itself.

In Wildfire, Denver Wildfire is a hard man whose looks may not amount to much but he’s smart, literate, and ex-military…and he has a plan. He rides with the Mexican, a good man with a long match and short fuse, and the kid, a wild card who can drive a six-team like the devil himself. All three are intent on stepping into a lucrative honeypot left by friction between the Sioux and the US army after the massacre at Little Big Horn.

“Masero’s westerns can only be described as gritty, compelling views of the way life must have surely been for the heroes and villains alike…it’s as if he lived through the times and is writing from memory…”

Tony Masero Collection Volume 8 includes Blood Legacy, Blood Ridden, Devil’s Gunman, Eye on the Rails, Mr. D’Eath and the Judge, Slashed Star, and Wildfire.