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Tony Masero Collection, Volume 10: A Classic Western Boxset

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You can’t take it with you, but you can damn well try… It’s a sentiment offered to Joe Alberplas, a simple cowhand who is content to keep to his own affairs. Then one night he discovers that there is a sight more to life than punching cows… It is more than an unexpected surprise and demands some radical adjustment. With word of Joe’s shift in fortune, the balance tips and a grim journey begins as Joe has to learn to live by the gun instead of the lariat. Along the way he runs up against the trickiest and most devious scam artist in the West and his gang of underlings who would think little of burying Joe six feet under. The trail leads to a booming silver-mining town where Joe must confront a demon of disguise and choose between a woman’s love or following the path of a killer if he is ever to claim what is rightfully his.


Simeon Norstrad is not a man to fool with. He is the disturbed leader of a tough work gang and he runs his backwoods lumberjack camp like a cruel dictator… The two Lapain brothers, just downriver at the Constantine sawmill, are drawn into Norstrad’s insane world when Joe Lapain discovers that his reckless younger brother Lesley has begun working as gun hand and debt collector for the town’s devious casino owner. Joe already has a few problems of the female kind on his mind and does not really need more to deal with… But when the casino owner runs afoul of Norstrad and calls in Lesley to help him out, that's when Joe is pulled into the troubled world of the mad Simeon Norstrad. The green pine woods of Wisconsin are set to have their silence shattered by violence and stained with blood.


To all appearances when the stranger breezes into Tombstone, he is a peaceable kind of guy not looking for any trouble and yet this is a tough silver town on the edge of a war. The friction between the Earps, the Clanton, and the McLaury gang is heating up… But the enigmatic stranger is on another kind of mission. One that takes him into the underworld environment of a different culture far removed from the dusty streets of Tombstone, one that is outside the general knowledge of most folks in town. The old timer who guides him on this journey is a cynical cuss but one who knows the terrain and the hard cases that populate it. For both of them, it’s a trip into the unknown and will take them on a dangerous journey across the country in search of a stunningly beautiful and reactionary young woman who may hold the key to something far deeper than first appears.


Smoke Tallen started out with a rough deal in life. He and his two orphaned buddies came from the wrong side of the tracks and soon began a life of crime that follows the outlaw trail. Ace is the wild one and Kennedy the brains, but once Smoke finds himself a girl the cracks start to show and things begin to change for the worse. It’s difficult making a break with the past and with some success, other pains follow. A mysterious near-death shooting brings a confusing mess of murder and trouble with it, and before long Smoke must turn again back to the old ways he has left behind. In the rough and gritty days that follow, Smoke wreaks a merciless and bloody path of bitter vengeance to protect all he loves and has worked for.