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Tonto Apache Battle Grounds (Chisholm Book #5)

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Man in Two Camps, Major Wade Chisholm, is called by the army generals to go into the south of Arizona to try to talk the Mountain Tonto Apaches into coming to the reservation at San Carlos, Arizona. They had recently driven a three-man army delegation out of their hills. They are living the old way, hunting, raiding roundeye farms and ranches, and then dashing back into the high hills for protection.  

Wade is sent in with twenty Pony Soldiers to confront them and ask them to come to the reservation or face immediate attack. He decides to go in instead in loin cloth and sandals with no weapons to talk to their chief about going to the reservation. He gets into the camp unannounced and faces the wrath of an angry tribe. Will he come out a victor or will this be the end of his army scout career and wind up as a half-roundeye being fresh meat for the Tonto dogs?