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To The Medicine Bow (Buckskin Chronicles Book #5)

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Sometimes in life, the shortest distance between where you are and where you want to be is not necessarily the best route.

Life often takes you on a much longer trail before you reach the goal you were destined for, and this circuitous route usually has valuable life lessons. These are the lessons that littered the path of the lives of Clancy and Caleb as they fled from the sorrow of the mountains and searched for answers in all the wrong places.

Thinking the big city would provide refuge and salve for painful memories, they learned where ever they went there were new lessons to learn and memories to be made. With both having a love for the mountains and the often solitary lifestyle, the pull of the city would not readily release its grip but they would have to chart their own course.

With an opportunity provided by newfound friendships and the possibility of a new direction for their lives, they seek to return to the mountains to find their own nirvana and a new beginning to establish their home and their legacy. The shining mountains and green valley of the Medicine Bow range that nestles in the Southernmost part of Wyoming territory beckon them and the promise of a new life gives hope where there was none. Now is when they find out if they have the strength and stamina to build a new life in the mountains of the Medicine Bow.