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This New Country: A Western Double

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Unable to come to terms with a family tragedy in Virginia, Caleb drifts westward, seeking anonymity or death. He fears nothing, since he has already lost everything. He learns to fight and kill and is untouched by the result. For Caleb, there is no retribution, no penalty, no tomorrow, only today.

Soon after he begins gold dredging in the Stanley Basin in central Idaho, he rescues Mei Lin, a young Chinese prostitute, from a brothel and promises to find a place for her. Caleb has found a new purpose in his life – he begins to hope and to care, and Mei Lin is at the center of the change. But does he dare tell her of his love and invite her into his uncertain life?

Each scarred by personal tragedy, Caleb and Mei Lin develop a love stronger than ever on their journey to the New West.

This New Country includes A Place for Mei Lin and Home to Wyoming.