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The Wrench: A Hardboiled Crime Novel (Bruder Heist Book #1)

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When you steal from people who pull the trigger instead of calling the law, you’d better be good at it. Bruder is the best.

Bruder is a career master thief, an apex predator hijacker who takes what he wants from people who would never turn to the cops for help. His jobs are planned down to the second, pulled off with a professional crew he knows and trusts.

And all of that doesn’t mean a damn thing when the plan makes first contact with the job...

When Bruder sees the chance to steal a couple million in untraceable Wall Street bonus cash, he moves fast to scout the job and put the crew and plan together.

But the money belongs to a group of people you don’t steal from—ever. The heist turns into a bloody killing ground, testing loyalties and pushing Bruder’s abilities and instincts to the brink. And whoever holds the money will owe a debt that must be paid in blood, a debt telling Bruder exactly how much his life is worth.

The Wrench is the first book in the gritty Bruder Heist Novels. If you like professional hard case criminals with a relentless focus on pulling off the job and getting away with it, join the crew and buckle up.