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The Wake: A Hardboiled Crime Novel (Bruder Heist Book #3)

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Bruder doesn’t kill anyone unless he has to, but for some people, he’s willing to make an exception...

When a past job comes back to haunt Bruder, a man he should have killed forces him to pull off what seems like a simple errand—steal an impounded yacht and deliver it to its owner in the Gulf of Mexico—but the heist quickly gets complicated when he finds out who the luxury craft belongs to and meets the ruthless crew he’s supposed to run.

On top of it all, Bruder doesn’t know a damn thing about boats or enjoy any time on them, and when he discovers the yacht is much more than just a floating status symbol, the stakes turn more dangerous than a shark in bloody water.

But Bruder is dead set on pulling off the job and getting free of the man he should have killed, and this time around, he’s not leaving any survivors in his wake.

The Wake is the third book in the gritty Bruder Heist Novels. If you like professional hard-case criminals with a relentless focus on pulling off the big heist and getting away with it, join the crew and buckle up.