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The Viejo Series Box Set (Books #1-#3)

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3 full length, action-packed novels:
Viejo and the Ranger
Viejo and the Outlaw
Viejo and the Lost Child

Book 1: Jason Bernard Ramsey II is a man of faith...but he becomes Jack Short, a man who kills whoever gets in his way. He's at odds with his faith and the law. In a strange twist of fate, Viejo joins with the ranger in the pursuit of other outlaws and discovers there is no real code of ethics among thieves and no misdeeds go unpunished.

Book 2: The outlaw trail leads to death, destruction, disillusionment, and a commitment to finding a better life. Outnumbered and desperate Crisp must seek help from the law that is hunting him across the Rio Grande in Texas.

Book 3: What is the proper age for becoming a cold-blooded killer? Frank Miller’s life turns upside down when his family is murdered and he becomes a captive in a Comanche raid. The Texas Ranger, must track down and arrest this troublesome, young killer.