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The Trail to Reclamation: A Classic Western Series (The Plainsman Westerns Book #8)

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B.N. Rundell continues the epic frontier saga which has captivated and delighted so many readers and catapulted the series to continual best-seller status.

Kaniache, war chief and leader of the Mouache Ute tribe, cared deeply for his people. When Ouray, chief of the Tabeguache Ute, wanted peace and was willing to do whatever the white men asked, even giving up much of their native homeland, he stood at odds with Kaniache. What Ouray was willing to surrender, Kaniache was determined to reclaim.

With the aftermath of the Sand Creek massacre still on the minds of the native peoples, few were anxious to accede to the demands of the white men and surrender their sacred lands and hunting grounds. With the experience of broken treaties in their past, the natives were looking to drive all the white men out of the land. Wagon trains were attacked, burned, and looted, women taken captive, but in the San Luis Valley of the high country, few white men had come. That was changing.

Now the few soldiers of Fort Garland were faced with keeping peace between the Ute people and the settlers, and Reuben and Elly Grundy were tasked with keeping the gold hunters and settlers out of Indian territory. But when a map of lost treasure tempts gold hunters, trouble rears its ugly head and people will die, but will they be natives or newcomers? And will the deputy marshals be able to keep the peace? Only time will tell and history record what happens in the high country of Colorado Territory in 1865.