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The Prostate Handbook

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Prostate: What Every Man Needs To Know!

If you are over 40, you need to know about the dramatic increase in potential prostate problems. Enlargement, infection, and cancer incidents rise dramatically. Pay attention to these symptoms: sleep disruption due to frequent urination, difficulty passing fluids, abdominal pain, "dribbling" or incontinence, or a feeling that your bladder never feels empty. The statistics are alarming: by age 50 nearly 1 out of four men may experience problems. By 60 years old nearly HALF of all men can experience symptoms. By age 80, nine out of ten men will be affected! By 60 these symptoms affect half of all men!

Get the Protection You Need The Prostate Handbook —What Every Man over 40 Needs to Know about His Prostate contains vital information on the Prostate – how it functions, what can go wrong, how it can best be treated, and how to protect yourself from Prostate problems. You’ll learn about the three major types of Prostate Disorders. It reveals the latest Prostate treatments – medical, all-natural, drug, and nutritional remedies.

The book tells you about a Prostate medication that actually shrinks the Prostate and alleviates symptoms. You'll learn about a simple blood test, which can detect Prostate cancer in the very early stages while it is easily treatable. You'll discover how a natural mineral is being used by men to alleviate Prostate symptoms, and how one doctor uses a specific combination of vitamins to help eliminate Prostate miseries.

The book tells you about 3 natural nutrients reported to relieve Prostate symptoms in 6 clinical studies, little known to most doctors (available at health food stores). You'll discover which foods may help the Prostate and which foods may cause irritation. The book even tells you about natural remedies being used to combat impotence. The book covers actual case histories of men who suffered from Prostate problems and how they were able to overcome them.

This book is highly recommended for those who suspect problems or want to avoid them.