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The Professor's Trackdown (The Outlaws Book #7)

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J.R. Jefferson, aka The Professor, has shed his ties with the Willy Boy Gang. Using his real name, Nate Thadius comes to the attention of some Pinkerton detectives for helping to foil a train robbery.

But Nate’s got a job to do; track down Percival Griffin, a crook who looted his own bank back in Denver, and make sure he gets put away. Griffin’s been sent to Cleveland, Ohio for a trial on a similar crime there.

But money smoothes the path and Griffin isn’t quite in the custody of justice in Cleveland. Thadius must track him down again, win the love of Griffin’s daughter, and get himself established as a Pinkerton detective in his own right.

Can he do all that before Griffin puts him six feet under fresh Cleveland sod?