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The Money Gun and Trapp's Mountain: A Classic Western Double Draw

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Two full-length, action-packed adventures from one of America’s best Western writers!

Faulkner is a gun for hire–a money gun–and has been for a quarter of a century. But that doesn’t mean he’s a hired killer. He’ll use his gun if he has to, but only as a last resort. He’s agreed to watch his friend’s back and help him track down the notorious Frank Sunday gang, but they’re headed straight for Gunman’s Crossing, a small town with a big reputation as a wild, lawless place with lots of gunplay.

In Trapp’s Mountain, John Henry Trapp spent twenty-five years in prison for shooting the men who’d killed his wife. Now he’s eager to return to the place where he’d once been so happy. However, old enemies think the only way Trapp can pay his debt to society is in a pine box six feet under. Though the strapping mountain man may no longer have youth on his side, he can still hold his own–but a quarter-century is a long time to be away, and just one misstep could put him in the grave.