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The Lost Herd: A Classic Western (The Crocketts Book #12)

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Award-winning, best-selling author Robert Vaughan brings back some of his most endearing characters with the Crockett brothers. Mount up and get ready for the trail, pard, as these two wisecracking cowpokes head out on their most audacious adventure yet!

“Go West, young man!” That’s the cry heard ‘round the country, and the Crockett Brothers, Will and Gid, in their usual custom, take it to the extreme. California and the Pacific Ocean is where they’re heading.

With a spirit of adventure–and a bank account balance just as big, thanks to some fine wheelin’ and dealin’–California is the place to be. Along the way, they encounter friendlies and foes, and deal with each accordingly, in fine Crockett fashion that’ll leave you alternately gripping the edge of your seat and laughing up a storm. So, sit back and enjoy the ride, pard, it’s gonna be a good ‘un!

The Crockett Brothers are back for their biggest adventure yet!