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The K Factor: A Mike Reardon Novel (The Repairman Book #9)

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When Mike Reardon, known as the repairman for taking jobs outside the law, is invited to a meeting with the CIA, NSA, and DOD, he knows he’s about to be downrange of ka ka hitting the fan. All they want is for him to go into North Korea and extract three women; a daughter and granddaughters of NK’s ambassador to China, who wants to defect.  Since he’s the former head of NK’s nuclear program, the U.S. is more than merely interested in him.

"A knock-down, drag-out, no holds barred, ribald tale of treachery and finesse laced with a magical combination of historical accuracy and military acumen…”  --Ron Clausen

“I have edited and proofread a lot of military thrillers in my 37+ years career, but none with the abundance of the realistic, authenticating detail of The K Factor.”   --Frank Kresen