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The Hidden Rider of Dark Mountain and Shadow of a Gunman: Two Full-Length Western Novels

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Author Gordon D. Shirreffs, winner of the Spur and Owen Wister Awards, is beloved for creating characters and stories of the old American West that excite the senses and satisfy the itch to be a gunslinger.

In The Hidden Rider of Dark Mountain, Cade Willcox had only been in the Valley of the Bravo for a couple of days, but two attempts had already been made on his life. He wasn’t afraid of a fight; the trouble was that he didn’t know who the fight was with. His brother Dan had stirred up a ruckus with the Apaches and had wound up in a canyon up by Dark Mountain, murdered—which was why Cade was there. Though he hadn’t let on to anyone about his mission, it was apparent he didn’t have to. Obviously, they already knew…

In Shadow of a Gunman, Thorp Barrett was only seventeen and hadn’t seen much of life, but he’d already had his fill of death. As the kid brother of a notorious outlaw, Thorp already knew most of the tricks of the gunslick trade. The day that U.S. Marshal Doug Scott wiped out the Barrett gang, Lady Luck miraculously sided with Thorp. He was the only one to escape with his life. But Thorp had merely taken a rain check from the Grim Reaper, for when he inherited his brother’s notched guns, he had also taken on his blood-oath to track Marshal Scott down to Boot Hill and send him for his own meeting with the Grim Reaper...

“The joy of reading Shirreffs is in his mastery of pacing and his tough, gritty prose.” – James Reasoner, author of the Wind River series