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The Guns of Frank Eaton

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“My boy, may an old man’s curse rest upon you, if you do not try to avenge your father!”

Answering those words, young Frank Eaton determines to settle with each of the six men who had riddled his father full of lead. Frank’s thirst for a reckoning takes him across the lawless Indian Territory, to Southwest City, Missouri, to the wide-open mesa lands of eastern New Mexico and, finally, to Albuquerque. Curses hide behind every corner of the devil and death trail as Frank rides hell-bent on a quest that will send him into legend either as an outlaw, or a hero.

“David Althouse is one of the freshest voices in Western historical fiction today.”
-- John Legg, author of Blood of the Scalphunter

“David Althouse captures the majesty and mayhem of the western frontier through a masterful style of storytelling rich in colorful descriptions of people, places, and events. Althouse’s historical knowledge of the Great American West and Southwest, coupled with his lyrical and panoramic depictions of the mountain and mesa-rich backdrops, brings the Old West alive for readers who often have to pause and catch their breath to keep up with the action. In David Althouse’s stories, the reader sees the sights, hears the sounds, and smells the gunpowder!”
-- Justin Brotton, Editor, Distinctly Oklahoma Magazine

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