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The Gold Chip: A Western Classic

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Spur Award winner Douglas Hirt weaves a fascinating action and adventure mystery set in the Kansas Territory of the old Wild West!

It all started one blizzardy Kansas night when a half-frozen Indian staggers into Somerville and dies right there on the floor of Wilson’s Barbershop…but not before telling a crazy story and showing a lump of gold that looks strangely like a golden buffalo patty.

Immediately, the story spreads about a Midas buffalo that…ahem…poops golden chips. The normally rational townsfolk become crazed with gold fever and set off en masse to capture this magical beast, but a few folks aren’t so sure.

Libby Barrett, ace reporter for the Somerville Independent, suspects someone is playing a prank on the town, but what to make of the golden buffalo chip and the very dead Indian? It’s a puzzle that Libby sets her sights to solve; a quest for truth that very quickly turns deadly.

The promise of untold riches can drive a man to madness…