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The Giordana Connection: A Scott Stiletto Thriller (Scott Stiletto Book #6)

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The Giordana Connection is the sixth book in the hard-edged Scott Stiletto action mystery series.

Stiletto is in Twin Falls, Idaho, to keep a promise. A promise to deliver a message to a daughter from her father, who died in battle next to Scott.

But he’s too late. Shelly Pierce has been murdered by unknown perpetrators. Worse, there’s a cover-up. Witnesses threatened. Police intimidated. The tentacles of deceit stretch all the way to the top of the city government, to a puppet master with plans to conquer the Midwest crime syndicate who doesn’t care who he has to beat, blackmail, or kill to get what he wants.

Stiletto has faced tough odds before, and Twin Falls may be his toughest battle yet. Shelly reminds him of his own estranged daughter, so this is not simply another mission. For Stiletto, it’s personal. He made a promise he intends to keep, even if it means slaughtering every last man responsible for Shelly’s death.

Justice will not be denied.